Paramount of Oak Park's Circle of Care

Oak Park

The “Circle of Care” represents the important relationships that our residents have and how they interconnect to form a continuum of care.

It is essential to continue the continuum of care that has been set by the physician, hospital, home health or other provider. At Paramount of Oak Park we welcome physicians to follow their patients, and if a hospitalization is needed, we make every effort to return the resident to the hospital of their previous care.

The relationships that our residents have at home are equally important. Wherever our residents live, we recognize the importance of the concept of “home.”

The residents’ goals are our goals as well, and are achieved by keeping an open line of communication with him or her, with their family, with the senior community, the physician, the hospital, and the home health agency.

If home health or other home services are needed when the resident returns home, we will coordinate these services to provide a stress-free and convenient transition home.

Our commitment to the continuity, to the circle of care, is “Paramount.”